Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Discipline Tip: Is your Child Getting Enough Sleep By: Grandma Jeddah

        Getting the proper amount of sleep has increasingly become an important aspect of good health.  While we often consider sleep to be a “passive” activity, sufficient sleep is increasingly being recognized as an essential aspect of health promotion . . .1 explains a report from the Centers for Disease Control.    Lack of proper sleep can affect your child’s emotional as well as mental and physical wellbeing.
        Lack of sleep has been known to cause depression in those who don’t get enough rest.2 A depressed child can show increased signs of anger and hostility.  They are also more likely to be irritable.   Excessive anger, hostility and irritability can lead to an increase in tantrums and loss of self-control.
        Ensuring your child gets enough sleep is one key factor in helping her control her temper.
        According to the National Sleep Foundation, children should receive the following hours of sleep per day:3

(0–2 months)
12–18 hours
(3–11 months)
 14–15 hours
(1–3 years)
12–14 hours
(3–5 years)
11–13 hours
(5–10 years)
10–11 hours
8.5–9.25 hours
7–9 hours
So, sleep tight . . . don’t let the tantrum bugs bite!

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