Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Helping Your Child Self-Manage Her Behavior By: Grandma Jeddah

          Your 12-year-old daughter Karima brings home a note from school that says she was reprimanded for shouting at her teacher. How do you respond?
          How about simply listening to Karima’s side of the story.  After listening, let her know that you understand how she would have such strong feelings as she expressed in class with her teacher earlier that day.  Then you proceed to explain to her why her behavior wasn’t appropriate.  Just as important, you ask her to think of other ways she could have handled her anger with her teacher.
          This brainstorm approach to arriving at solutions is important in getting your child to learn how to more effectively mange her behavior in the future.  It’s a method that teaches her to self-manage her own behavior.  Learning to contemplate her actions to determine where and how she can improve upon them next time is a living skill that is valuable for life.  This is particularly important for Muslims.  We should always scrutinize our actions to determine if they are in accordance with what Allah would want from us.

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