Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Show and Tell Discipline By Grandma Jeddah

         Have you ever thought about the idea that maybe your child doesn’t know what else to do when she’s feeling angry other than going into a wild fit?  Some children, in particular those with special needs, haven’t learned proper ways of expressing their frustrations.  They have to be held by the hand and shown clearly and concisely how to express their irritation appropriately.
        Talk to your child about what she should do when she’s disappointed.  Check out books from the library on feelings and emotions.  Many of these books show the right way and the wrong way to handle numerous unsettling situations.  Your child can see pictures that remind her of herself when she’s having a difficult time coping.  This helps her to understand that she’s not the only one who gets uncomfortable feelings.  She’ll also see that there are more appropriate ways of handling undesirable situations than through uncontrolled outbursts.
        Along with you directing your child towards suitable models of behavior, another helpful way to get your child to remember what to do when she feels like going berserk is allowing her to think up ideas of how to replace unacceptable behavior herself.  When your child plays a role in deciding how she conducts herself, it makes a greater impact on her and causes her to be more receptive of the idea and more likely to put it into practice.

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