Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Tips to Getting Your Youngster up for Suhoor--Without Shouting By Grandma Jeddah

. . . continued from 8/4/2011

Let’s summarize the points
1. Make sure your child is getting sufficient rest. Try to get him to bed early so he’ll be rested when it’s time for Fajr.

2. Cook a delicious smelling meal

3. Use a comforting voice when waking him.

4. Remove his covers for less comfort.

5. Use an incentive chart to encourage him to get up by rewarding him with stars for getting up for suhoor.

But don’t forget . . . even though suhoor is an important aspect of Ramadan, don’t push to hard if your child doesn’t have a desire to get up for the early meal. Suhoor is recommended but not an indispensable part of fasting. You want your child to develop a joy for the month of Ramadan. Let him take pleasure in the other areas of Ramadan that he looks forward to, as well—enjoying a delicious mouth-watering meal with family and friends after sundown!

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