Saturday, June 23, 2012

New e-book Helping Mothers to Become Patient When Disciplining (by: Grandma Jeddah)

Learn How to Calm Yourself Down
When Your Kids Are Winding Up
Are you having a problem controlling your anger with your kids?
 You need Grandma Jeddah’s new e-book:
Reaching Patience: A Muslim Mother’s Guide to Self-Control When Disciplining.
This parenting e-book was especially written for Muslim mothers to assist them in becoming the calm, reserved, and loving parent they aspire to be.

1.     Inside Reaching Patience you will discover 8 religiously related reasons explaining why you should be patient when disciplining your child.

2.     Also, Grandma Jeddah unfolds three engaging stories of noble characters in history who exhibited exemplary patience. Use these real-life role models from Quran and Sunnah as motivation to strive for increased patience when disciplining your child.

3.     Learn effective ways to help yourself become more patient.

4.     Find out how the Prophet (saw) patiently interacted with children around him.

5.     Reflect upon quotes from Quran and hadith that encourage patience.

6.     Learn ways to discipline your child effectively and patiently for a more peaceful household.

7.     Stop feeling guilty and regretful about uncontrolled or unnecessary hitting.

8.     All this and more inside the brand new e-book— Reaching Patience: A Muslim Mother’s Guide to Self-Control When Disciplining. 
Get help with patience today. Order your e-book now, click here:

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