Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Need some extra cash? Got an e-book tucked away in your mind--or computer?

Need some extra cash? Got an e-book tucked away in your mind--or computer?
Grandma Jeddah Publishes 
Parenting and Marital e-Books.
Write for her and earn cash!

If you have a fantastic book idea on parenting or marriage that will help makehouseholds more peaceful for Muslim mothers, contact Grandma Jeddah. She might select your book idea and publish it as a Grandma Jeddah e-book, insha'Allah.

Please note: You have 3 options


Writer will receive $30 - $75. for writing e-book. (This is a work for hire arrangement.) This means all copyrights to your manuscript will belong solely and completely to Summit Garden Press, which means you will no longer own the manuscript.
The writer's name will be included as the author. A brief bio of the author will appear in the e-book.
5,000 - 10,000 Words: Receive $30
10,001 - 20,000 Words: Receive $50
21,000 - 44,000 Words: Receive $75


1. Writer will retain all writes to own, publish, and distribute her e-book.
2. Writer will pay Summit Garden Press $300 to edit, format, design
book cover, and publish e-book.
3. At author's request, e-book may be sold in Grandma Jeddah's
Bookstore. Proceeds will be split 50/50 between Summit Garden
Press and author.

Option 3

1. Writer may request to have her previously published e-book placed in
Grandma Jeddah's Bookstore. Summit Garden Press charges no
fee for this, if no further editing is needed. Author will receive 50% of
proceeds from sells of the book.

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