Monday, March 28, 2016

April is National Autism Awareness Month--Learn more from Grandma Jeddah

April is National Autism Awareness Month

If you know or have a child with autism or other developmental disabilities, insha'Allah, you will find comfort in Grandma Jeddah's e-book:Your Challenging Muslim Child with Special Needs

Grandma Jeddah provides help for some of the most challenging problems of raising a child with special needs such as--
  • Coping with nonconstructive comments from family, friends, and others
  • Helping children develop a proper Islamic perspective of their disability
  • Finding successful discipline methods
  • Understanding the challenges siblings experience
  • And more!

Grandma Jeddah acknowledges that raising children with special needs places more than the average demands on the entire family. She provides loads of successful discipline techniques mothers can use to better manage the behavior of their children with special needs. 

Learn more at:

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