Sunday, June 12, 2016

Does Your Disabled Adult Child Need Your Help?

Free Help
At no cost, Grandma Jeddah now assists CAREGIVERS of adult children with disabilities, as well as caregivers of aging parents in forming a Medical Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, or Islamic Last Will. For more detailed information please visit

R.M. Quarels Legal Form Help was established to provide an affordable alternative to expensive lawyer fees that pro per (self-represented) individuals are unable to afford when completing their legal forms.

Ms. Quarels is a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) who attended USC, received her Associate of Arts degree at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, and earned her American Bar Association approved Paralegal Certificate at West Los Angeles Community College with a GPA of 3.9. She has worked with attorneys on matters  including landlord/tenant laws,  non-profit creation, trademarks, and legal research. She also has experience as a volunteer at the FAME Legal Clinic in Los Angeles, assisting low-income clients.

R.M. Quarels, LDA
R.M.Quarels Legal Form Help
legal document preparation service
Tel: (323) 900-9837      

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