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Message from the Principal: Brother Eric Ali-- When guiding our children toward proper Islamic character, we must remember that part of being a wise teacher or parent is being kind and gentle with our children. During the time of the Prophet (saw), a Bedouin urinated in the masjid. Immediately the Prophet’s companions rushed toward the man to beat him. But the Prophet (saw) told them to leave him alone. After the man finished urinating, the Prophet (saw) told him, “Verily, filth and urine are not permitted in these masjids. Indeed, it is for the remembrance of Allah.” The Messenger said to his companions, “I was sent to make things easy, and I was not sent to make things difficult.” And he poured a bucket of water over the urine. Even though our children were raised in Islam, eventually they will have to choose to be Muslims. Let’s help make the proper decision easy for them.-- Al-Madinah School: 1635 South Saint Andrews Place, Los Angeles, California 90019-- (1-323) 296-5961

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Discipline without Disrespecting

Use Grandma Jeddah's Practices from her book and Improve Your Parenting Skills Overnight, insha'Allah! 

Book Description   
Why you need Discipline without Disrespecting: Discover the Hidden Secrets of How to Effectively Discipline your Muslim Child—And Keep Your Peace of Mind While at It.

1. So you can have a more loving and warm mother and child relationship
2. So you can stop feeling guilty about excessive or uncontrolled hitting or scolding
3. So you can mature in your parenting abilities

Discipline without Disrespecting will, insha'Allah, help you--
  • Learn over 2 dozen amazing discipline techniques that avoid hitting, scolding and shaming.
  • Find out the 4 powerful mistakes parents make which can encourage misbehavior.
  • Discover simple ways to make your home a more loving environment for your children,  resulting in a happier home for both parent and child.
  • Find out several effective methods to help your children feel more confident about themselves, leading to more security in their religion.
  • Discover how to retain your serenity while disciplining your child.
  • Find the techniques that will teach your child how to self-manage his behavior so you won't have to.
  • Learn effective methods for managing your strong-willed child.
  • Learn successful discipline tips for your special needs child.

Grandma Jeddah has compiled effective discipline methods from an assortment of sources including both Islamic based and secular.  She has taken these resources and compiled them into an easy to read, simple to learn book.

Grandma Jeddah has over 30 years experience as a teacher disciplining hundreds of students, including those with learning disabilities, autism, Tourettes Syndrome, ADHD/ADD, intellectual disabilities and more.

She also has ongoing real-time experience raising several of her own 11 children.  Her advice is not from theory alone. It includes real-life experience you will find nowhere else.  Her practical tips can help make discipline easier for you and your child.    

Book Review
I know I don't need to tell you how much our community- and even the non Muslim community needs this. Jazaki Allahu khayran (May God reward you) for all of the families you will help and potentially all of the children who will be spared from un-necessary abuse. May this message spread all over our country!
Hoda Shawky,
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA

If you do not see a major improvement in your child’s behavior after reading Grandma Jeddah’s books and implementing her practices, email her and she’ll personally refund your money in full, insha’Allah.

Discipline without Disrespecting Workbook

Book Description

Your e-Workbook to Discipline without Disrespecting: Discover the Hidden Secrets of How to Effectively Discipline your Muslim Child—And Keep Your Peace of Mind While at It,  is just what you need to assist you in putting the valuable information you’ve learned from your e-Book into practice to help you increase your child’s obedience more peacefully.  It will also help you stay motivated to continue reading your e-Book from beginning to end to learn the techniques that will help you make the discipline process simpler for you and your child.

Why add the e-Workbook to your parenting library collection?
  1. Use your e-Workbook for self-study as a motivator to encourage yourself to complete the e-Book so you can begin using the concepts that will make disciplining your child simpler.
  2. Use your e-Workbook to help reinforce what you’ve learned from your reading and put it into practice to help you increase your Child's obedience.
  3. Use your e-Workbook to invite sisters over for parenting sessions so that you can all be a support to one another in your efforts to become better parents.
  4. Use the questions in your e-Workbook to encourage you to contemplate the concepts you’ve learned not simply read them.
  5. Use the “On Your Own” section to give you numerous ways to apply the valuable information from your e-Book.

Discipline without Disrespecting Quick-Tip Guide

Book Description

Are you trying to retain and put into practice everything you’ve read from your e-Book?  Do you find yourself laboriously going back and forth, searching through your Discipline without Disrespecting e-Book to find help with your discipline problems?

Grandma Jeddah has made it easier for you to find and review some of the highlights from Discipline without Disrespecting so you can begin making obeying easier and discipline simpler for you and your child.  She’s compiled some of the basics of the book into a quick and easy-to-read, 34-page Quick Tip Guide. Inside you will find—

Reminders of all 25 discipline techniques from Discipline without Disrespecting: Discover the Hidden Secrets of How to Effectively Discipline Your Muslim Child and Keep Your Peace of Mind while at it. 
  • A beautifully designed Star Chart to encourage positive behavior and discourage unacceptable behavior
  • An attractive IOU chart to control sibling rivalry and  back talk
  • Lists of penalties to use with your child for misbehavior
  • Lists of rewards to encourage positive behavior
  • Red flags to alert you for possible autism, learning disabilities and ADHD, so you can distinguish disobedience from disability early on
  • Sleep Chart indicating the number of hours of sleep your child needs to aid in acceptable behavior and minimize improper behavior
  • Nutrition Chart to help ensure your child gets sufficient nutrition to contribute to optimum health and positive behavior.
  • And much more. . .
A great tool to use with your Discipline without Disrespecting e-Book and e-Workbook.

67 Discipline Pearls:
For Your Most 
Challenging Discipline Problems

From Toddlers to Teenagers, solutions to your challenging discipline problems . . . 
With an Islamic perspective.
Get the help you need for your most common discip
line problems today!

This e-book is a compilation of questions from mothers just like you who needed personal advice on disciplining their children. It’s been said that when one person takes the time to write a question, a hundred others have the same problem.

Well now you don’t have to write in for your answer. You are likely to find the very question you’ve been wanting to ask but were afraid to, right here in this e-book.
You'll find answers to problems such as these:
  1. My 2-year-old is jealous of the new baby and hits me when I'm nursing--how do I handle this?
  2. My son is smoking cigarettes--what should I do?
  3. My toddler whines in the store the entire time when he doesn't get what he wants. How can I get him to stop?
  4. My 7-year-old daughter talks back. What's the best way to stop her?
  5. My autistic teen alwlays demeans his younger siblings. I'm getting fed up--what to do?
  6. My son is being bullied at the masjid--what's the best way to manage this?
  7. I have a problem controlling my anger when disciplining. How can I change?
And, as an added bonus, Grandma Jeddah has included loads of helpful links to websites, blogs, and other valuable discipline and parenting resources to help make obeying easier and discipline simpler.

To protect the privacy of the mothers who have written to Grandma Jeddah, some of the questions, names, gender, events, and exact wording have been altered. But the answers remain thorough and priceless!
If you do not see a major improvement in your child’s behavior after reading Grandma Jeddah’s books and implementing her practices, email her and she’ll personally refund your money in full, insha’Allah.

Reaching Patience: 
A Muslim Mother's Guide to Self-Control When Disciplining
Start the change you want to make in yourself . . . today!
Are you feeling guilty about hitting your son just a bit too hard when he misbehaves? Are you regretting the last time you went on a yelling rampage with your teen? Do you feel bad about calling your daughter hurtful names that you wouldn't want to be called? Learn how to control your anger and develop more patience when disciplining your children in Grandma Jeddah's book Reaching Patience: A Muslim Mother’s Guide to Self-Control When Disciplining.

“Her crying really ticks me off because she seems to think it’s going to get her what she wants.”

“Give me a few tips that can help me so she will respect me and I will not have to shout at her all the time and feel embarrassed”

“The problem I struggle most with is how to deal with my own anger.  I have been brought up in a very strict home myself, and it somehow affects my ability to stay rational and calm when my children do major things.”

The above comments are actual quotes from letters Grandma Jeddah received from mothers just like you. . . . mothers who are looking for ways to manage their children’s behavior with composure.

Inside Reaching Patience you will discover 8 religiously related reasons explaining why you should be patient when disciplining your child.

Also, Grandma Jeddah unfolds three engaging stories of noble characters in history who exhibited exemplary patience. Use these real life role models from Quran and Sunnah as incentives to strive for increased patience when disciplining your child.

Learn effective ways to help yourself become more patient when disciplining.

Find out how the Prophet (saw) managed children around him.

Reflect upon quotes from Quran and hadith that encourage patience.

Learn ways to effectively discipline patiently for a more peaceful household.

All this and more inside
— Reaching Patience: A Muslim Mother’s Guide to Self-Control When Disciplining. 

This book is intended to assist mothers in becoming the calm, reserved, and loving parent they aspire to be.

Your Challenging Muslim Child with Special Needs

Finally a book on special needs with an Islamic perspective! This supportive and instructive parenting book covers a range of disabilities including, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Cognitive Disability (mental retardation) and more. 

Grandma Jeddah touches taboo subjects such as mental illness, medication for behavior modification, and oppositional defiant behavior. She explains that parents need to be ultra understanding and vigilant when disciplining these types of children.  She tells how it is easy for parents to go overboard when trying to correct the behavior of children with special needs. She explains why special children require special treatment during the disciplinary process.

Grandma Jeddah acknowledges that raising children with special needs places more than the average demands on the entire family. She provides loads of successful discipline techniques mothers can use to better manage the behavior of their children with special needs. She provides help for some of the most challenging problems of raising a child with special needs such as--

  • Coping with nonconstructive comments from family, friends, and others
  • Helping children develop a proper Islamic perspective of their disability
  • Finding successful discipline methods
  • Understanding the challenges siblings experience
  • And more!

Grandma Jeddah also, helps you find constructive solutions to your most common questions such as these:

  • How does Quran and hadith reference disabilities?
  • Should you use medication for behavior management?
  • What actions should you avoid when your child is in a rage?
  • What are the best practices for managing aggressive behavior?
  • And more!

As an added bonus, she provides real life interviews of a young adult with a cognitive disability and autism, a mother of a young adult with a cognitive disability and autism, and a sibling of a young adult with a cognitive disability and autism. She provides reassurance that you are not alone in your daily struggles of managing your child with special needs.

In this enlightening parenting book you will also be able to explore a host of supportive links and resources to further your knowledge on how to nurture, manage and discipline your Muslim Child with Special Needs.
Once again, Grandma Jeddah has found another way to help make obeying easier and discipline simpler for you and your child!

If you do not see a major improvement in your child’s behavior after reading Grandma Jeddah’s books and implementing her practices, email her and she’ll personally refund your money in full, insha’Allah.

Mom, I’m stressed! Stress Help for Muslim Teens and Youth
My 15 year old daughter is definitely not a reader, but within the first hour or two after I emailed this book to her this evening she is up to chapter 9 already alhamdulillah!! My 10 year old son has already asked to read it too. 
Sister Noor Jannah

(For teens) Are You a Stressed Out Teen?
It’s not easy being a teen out there in the world!
Do you sometimes feel like nothing matters anymore?
Do you feel like the adults around you don’t really listen to what you have to say?
Do you wonder if other teens have some of the same issues you have?
Get helpful tips on dealing with some of the most common problems you're dealing with today from drug use to feeling like you don’t fit in. And it’s all from an Islamic perspective.
Mom, I’m stressed! Stress Help for Muslim Teens and Youth is easy to read, quick to read, and helpful.

(For parents) Does Your Teen Need Some Guidance?

You heard it from friends and family when the kids were toddlers:

“You think the terrible twos are bad . . .  just wait until your kids reach their teens!”
Well now your kids are teens and boy were they right! You never imagined it would be this difficult.

Of course no isolated book--other than Quran--has all the solutions to help your teen with his or her life problems.  Grandma Jeddah’s  e-book, Mom, I’m stressed! Stress Help for Muslim Teens and Youth, guides your child back to the principles of Islam to solve their everyday stresses . . . and hopefully, make life a little bit easier for you, too, Mom!

With an Islamic perspective, Grandma Jeddah guides your child with practical steps for managing some of the most common problems youth are struggling with today, from drug use to feeling sad and depressed.

It’s well known that the present generation has no time for long drawn out explanations, so the book is quick and easy reading.  Order it today!

Discipline without Disrespecting: Good Muslim Certificates

Grandma Jeddah’s Good Muslim Certificates are designed for children 5 to 18-years-old. These motivational and inspirational certificates are a powerful tool to use when trying to encourage your child toward desired behavior. They remind your child that doing good deeds is beneficial for not only you the parent, but for the child as well.

Whether you're managing a young child who neglects to make his prayers on time or an older one with a sassy mouth, Good Muslim Certificates will help make obeying easier and discipline simpler for you and your child, insha’Allah.  Inspire your children toward admirable acts in a fun and rewarding way. Present them with Good Muslim Certificates.

The package includes 26 colorful and cheerful incentive certificates with an assortment of personalized accomplishments.  It also contains 3 additional blank Good Muslim Certificates for you to add the specific behavior goal you desire. All certificates are available in e-book form and can be printed over and over again as needed.

Here are just a few of the custom-made certificates that you will find in your Good Muslim Certificates pack:
  1. Need your child to settle down while you make salat? Grandma Jeddah has a certificate for your child.
  2. Does your child forget to say Bismillah before eating? Grandma Jeddah has a certificate for your child.
  3. Does your young daughter need encouragement to wear her hijab outside? Grandma Jeddah has a certificate for your daughter.
  4. Tired of walking into your child’s messy bedroom? Grandma Jeddah has a certificate for your child.
  5. Having trouble getting your child to do his chores? Grandma Jeddah has a certificate for your child.

You have the ability to discipline without hitting, shouting, or losing control. Use Grandma Jeddah’s Good Muslim Certificates to help you, insha'Allah.  Order now to get started today on a more enjoyable way to make obeying easier and discipline simpler for you and your child.

Your Sister in Islam,
Grandma Jeddah

Mothering Doesn't Stop in Ramadan: Jewels for a Stress-Less Ramadan

Welcome to Grandma Jeddah’s new Quick-E-Books! Now you can finish reading your e-book in 1 hour or less!  We mothers have loads of responsibilities to tend to throughout the day.  So finding time to read a useful e-book can become a chore rather than a help.

Now you can save time, tend to the kids, get your chores done, and gain helpful parenting tips with Grandma’s Quick-E-Books
Mothering Doesn’t Stop in Ramadan is a collection of Grandma Jeddah’s valuable Ramadan tips from articles she’s written over the years. It’s written in an easy-to-read format with ample headers and short paragraphs that make reading more enjoyable.

Find help on how to keep your sanity while  fasting with your hyperactive child to discovering less stressful ways of effectively and gently encouraging your youngster to wake up for suhoor. It's all inside, and more!

Ramadan is our most treasured month of the year. Use Grandma Jeddah’s jewels to help make your Ramadan less stressful. Use her solutions and guidance to help manage your kids and household better and to help with the added stresses of Ramadan.

Now . . . find 1 hour out of your 24, and start plucking 

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