Friday, September 2, 2011

Great News from Grandma Jeddah!

Assalamu Alaikum Sisters,
May Allah accept your fasting and good deeds from Ramadan.
Grandma Jeddah has added several NEW items to help you make obeying easier and discipline simpler. 
If you purchase any item before September 17, 2011 we’ll give you three (3) gift certificates. Use your gift certificates to allow Grandma Jeddah to deliver her FREE e-Book, Discipline without Disrespecting: 8 Tips to Taming Your Muslim Child’s Temper, to friends or family members of your choice, insha’Allah.

Learn how to discipline your child effectively without hitting, shouting or losing control. Assist others to, also. Please visit the “Order our Products” page today, and click on the BUY BUTTON.

Grandma Jeddah is the author of Discipline without Disrespecting: Discover the Hidden Secrets of How to Effectively Discipline your Muslim Child—And Keep your Peace of Mind While at It. Subscribe to her free newsletter at

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