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Stay Home or Work (Retrieved from "Little Muslims"

Stay Home or Work
This article was retrieved From Little Muslims
A mother emailed in a question. She is considering pursuing a PhD as the opportunity presented itself, yet she has a toddler. What to do?
I apologize for the tardiness of this reply. Last few months our life has taken a beautiful new turn with the arrival of Baby Ali. But as promised, here is my two cents.
I was still doing my PhD when we had our first child, Yasmin. Compared to other professions, where the mother has to go to work full-time or has overtime commitments, doing a PhD with a child is easy-ier.
Having said that, compared to not having any other work or study-related commitments, having a child while doing a PhD is hard-er.
What I mean is this: I regret not being able to enjoy my first-born as I could have because I was constantly worried about my PhD. I believe that if we choose to be a receiver of these little blessings, we ought to prioritize them before anything else.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Teach Phonics from an Islamic worldview.

Teach Phonics from an Islamic worldview.

New Arrival

Phonics Kindergarten 2 textbook. This is the second book to Phonics Reading Readiness. It is 173 pages and has color:

Muslim School Books’ Phonics Kindergarten 2 textbook helps students build foundational literacy skills. It provides listening, speaking, reading, and writing practice activities all in one 173-page textbook.

As a bonus, Muslim School Books integrates Islamic values into every Phonics lesson. Students read fabulous accounts found in Quran and hadith, such as the story of Ismail and his mother Hajar. 
Inside Phonics Kindergarten 2 Level K:

*Teach sound/symbol relationship
*Reinforce lessons with cumulative review
*Enjoy Islamic cultural images.
*Avoid images of animals and humans
*Help decode words introduced in a systematic manner
*Teach high-frequency sight words
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Your Sister in Islam,
Grandma Jeddah
Making it easy for you to integrate Islam into your curriculum

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