Friday, August 10, 2018

Enjoy Your Newsletters for August and September

Printable color copies of Habibi Youth newsletters for August and Septermber are now available for our dear young ones. The articles are about a Muslimah who won acceptance into almost all of the Ivy league schools and about the amazing Arabic language. Download and print your copies for your kids and students at

If you have a 5th to 7th grader and are a homeschool mom looking for ways to encourage your kids to read this school year, you might be interested in Grandma Jeddah's' Reading Comprehension Grade 6 workbook. It's packed with grade-level informational stories that reflect the experiences and lifestyle of Muslim youth, which can contribute to a greater interest in reading, insha'Allah. Each story has reading comprehension and literary skills worksheets.

Tell your Islamic schools about our new Reading Comprehension Grade 6workbook. You can find out more at: Let's help our kids feel good about reading and being Muslim!

Grandma Jeddah is an elementary-middle school teacher who has taught at an Islamic School in Los Angeles, California for over 35 years. She is the founder of MuslimSchoolBooks, a publishing company that produces Islamic oriented educational books and materials for Islamic Schools and homeschool families. Subscribe to her quarterly youth newsletter, Habibi Youth, at

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