Thursday, February 13, 2014

Effective Discipline Techniques

Effective Discipline Techniques
There are many simple and effective discipline methods a mother may use as an alternative to hitting.  In order to effectively use them, she must first educate herself regarding the purpose of misbehavior.  She must also discipline herself to be patient and proactive rather than reactive to her child’s behavior.  This is why understanding why your child misbehaves or acts as he does and knowing what you can do to help change his behavior is crucial if you want to effectively discipline your child. If you lack the understanding that you must develop a loving, nurturing and cooperative relationship between you and your child, discipline will be less successful.  In fact, it may become counterproductive in your efforts to manage and change your child’s behavior.  Your child may become more combative and unruly. In addition, he may seek out opportunities to become vindictive. This is why I strongly advise reading Secret II of this book prior to beginning this section. Along with the above knowledge, parents need to be aware that some children have certain conditions that make compliance more difficult for their child than normal functioning children.  Some of these disabilities were mentioned in Secret III.  With all of this information under your belt, the following discipline techniques will be much easier to apply and more effective.  And, Insha’Allah, you will be a more peaceful parent.

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Grandma Jeddah is the mother of 11 children and 13 grandchildren. She has taught hundreds of students for over 30 years at an Islamic school in Los Angeles, California.This is an excerpt from her book, Discipline without Disrespecting: Discover the Hidden Secrets of How to Effectively Discipline Your Muslim Child--And Keep Your Peace of Mind while at It.  Subscribe to her free newsletter at --

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