Monday, February 24, 2014

Website Makeover Celebration

Muslim Parenting . . . Made Easier

Website Makeover Celebration

Looking for ways to make your household more peaceful?

Grandma Jeddah will hold a GRAND CELEBRATION for 4 DAYS to kick off the start of her new and improved website!  The celebration begins Wednesday, March 5th at 4:a.m. and will last until Sunday, March 9 at 4.00 a.m. Expect fun and games over the 4-day celebration, including--

1.    FREE downloadable and printable e-posters of dua we can     make    for our children
2.    FREE 2014 printable Grandma Jeddah calendar
3.    4-Day Sale on all e-books --15% off all e-books in Grandma Jeddah's book store
4.    Chance to win your very own FREE e-book!
5.    And more . . .

Come on out and click on over Wednesday, March 5th to!

The new website will be re-titled Peaceful Muslim FamiliesIt will include your regular valuable parenting content from the older website, as well as brand new content featuring a fully loaded section on how to keep your marriage together. Here's what to look for on the new website:

  • Marriage section--includes crucial topics such as challenges, divorce, conflicts, successful tips and more.
  • Write for Us "Calling all writers and authors" Share your inspiring parenting and marital experiences and tips to help others.
  • New Blog, Successful Muslim Marriage—Let's Stay Together
  • And more. . .
Once again, Grandma Jeddah has found another way to help make obeying easier and discipline simpler!

March marks the start of Grandma Jeddah's 4th year helping Muslim mothers discipline without hitting, shouting or losing control.

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