Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Prophet is our Best Example when Disciplining

The Prophet (saw) is our best example when it comes to disciplining our children. 

Anas ibn Malik said, "The Prophet, (saw), had the best disposition among people. One day he sent me on an errand and I said, 'By Allah, I will not go,' but it was in my mind that I would do as the Prophet had ordered me. 

I went until I saw some children playing in the street. Then the Prophet (saw)  came and saw me and he caught me by the back of my neck from behind. When I looked at him, he was smiling, and he said, 'Unays (Anas' nickname), did you go where I asked you to go?' I said, 'O Messenger of Allah, yes, I am going.'" 

Did you read the part where Anas said, "I will not go" when the Prophet (saw) asked him to do something? There was no pulling out the belt or searching for a stick to let Anas know who's the boss around here. Let us aspire to be patient, kind, and tolerant when our children exhibit their shortcomings.

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