Monday, February 29, 2016

Coming this week, insha'Allah: Prophet Yusuf

New eBook: Prophet Yusuf
Coming this week, insha'Allah

Your kids will enjoy reading this chapter e-book with easy to read words and easy to understand story structure, insha'Allah. 

Or, give your child a special bedtime treat when you read a chapter each night before bed.

You are sure to find valuable morals from Prophet Yusuf that you can use as points of 
discussion for you and your child, insha'Allah. 

Issues such as jealousy, patience, forgiveness, honor, and takwa (fear of Allah) are important lessons your child will gain from Prophet Yusufinsha’Allah. 
The text is taken solely from the Quran and the pictures avoid images.
This story is a must to add to your collection of stories of the prophets for your children’s reading pleasure.

Grandma Jeddah hopes the joy your child gains from reading Prophet Yusuf will be an inspiration for him or her to open the Quran, read it, and learn from it.

Available Friday, March 4th, insha'Allah!

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