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Message from the Principal: Brother Eric Ali-- When guiding our children toward proper Islamic character, we must remember that part of being a wise teacher or parent is being kind and gentle with our children. During the time of the Prophet (saw), a Bedouin urinated in the masjid. Immediately the Prophet’s companions rushed toward the man to beat him. But the Prophet (saw) told them to leave him alone. After the man finished urinating, the Prophet (saw) told him, “Verily, filth and urine are not permitted in these masjids. Indeed, it is for the remembrance of Allah.” The Messenger said to his companions, “I was sent to make things easy, and I was not sent to make things difficult.” And he poured a bucket of water over the urine. Even though our children were raised in Islam, eventually they will have to choose to be Muslims. Let’s help make the proper decision easy for them.-- Al-Madinah School: 1635 South Saint Andrews Place, Los Angeles, California 90019-- (1-323) 296-5961

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Adopting Orphans: A Noble Endeavor By Grandma Jeddah

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Adopting Orphans: A Noble Endeavor
Grandma Jeddah
Do you know anyone who was adopted or raised in a home other than his biological parents? Sure you do . . . three of them are mentioned in the Quran—Prophet Musa (as), Prophet Yusuf (as), and Prophet Muhammad (saw). Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Prophet Musa (as) were orphans, while Prophet Yusuf (as) was abandoned. Evidence shows that adoptions have taken place since early historical times. The need for others to support and maintain children not born of their loin or womb existed thousands upon thousands of years ago and still exists today.

In the West, during the early 1900’s, one of the primary ways in which adoption was practiced was as a solution for mothers who had become pregnant out of wedlock, similar to how abortions are primarily used today.

Because societal regulations during that period sought to protect birth parents and adopted children from the stigma related to an unmarried mother having a child, adoption was and still remains today, a taboo subject, often shrouded in secrecy and shame. Allah, however, presents a different perspective regarding orphans and adoption. He bestows upon adopted orphans honor, dignity and justice, and demands that others do so, likewise. Allah says in Quran: Those who swallow the property of the orphans unjustly are actually devouring fire into their bellies and they shall enter the burning fire.”(Quran 33:4-5)

(to be continued, insha'Allah)

Grandma Jeddah is the mother of 11 children and 16 grandchildren. She has taught hundreds of students for over 30 years at an Islamic school in Los Angeles, California. She has written dozens of articles for Muslim magazines, newspapers and blogs.  She is the author of, Discipline without Disrespecting: Discover the Hidden Secrets of How to Effectively Discipline Your Muslim Child--And Keep Your Peace of Mind while at It.  Order her e-books at:

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