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Message from the Principal: Brother Eric Ali-- When guiding our children toward proper Islamic character, we must remember that part of being a wise teacher or parent is being kind and gentle with our children. During the time of the Prophet (saw), a Bedouin urinated in the masjid. Immediately the Prophet’s companions rushed toward the man to beat him. But the Prophet (saw) told them to leave him alone. After the man finished urinating, the Prophet (saw) told him, “Verily, filth and urine are not permitted in these masjids. Indeed, it is for the remembrance of Allah.” The Messenger said to his companions, “I was sent to make things easy, and I was not sent to make things difficult.” And he poured a bucket of water over the urine. Even though our children were raised in Islam, eventually they will have to choose to be Muslims. Let’s help make the proper decision easy for them.-- Al-Madinah School: 1635 South Saint Andrews Place, Los Angeles, California 90019-- (1-323) 296-5961

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Welcome and Ahlan wa Sahlan to the Celebration

Welcome and Ahlan wa Sahlan to the Celebration for the Pre-launch of MUSLIM SCHOOL BOOKS’ Reading Comprehension Grade 6 workbook.

We’re happy to have you join us for this historical event. A revolution in the education of our Muslim children-- Quality schoolbooks that promote Islamic values while fostering exceptional academic standards!

Are you ready to try to win a FREE copy of the Reading Comprehension Grade 6 workbook?
Well, let’s get started . . .

The first one to post the correct answer to this question wins a FREE copy of the Reading Comprehension 6th Grade workbook. We apologize, but we can only mail to winners who live in the US and Canada.

What famous Muslim had dyslexia while growing up? His teachers didn’t want him to graduate, but the principal decided to let him graduate anyway.

Find the answer somewhere on the MUSLIM SCHOOL BOOKS website: (hint: click around)

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