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Message from the Principal: Brother Eric Ali-- When guiding our children toward proper Islamic character, we must remember that part of being a wise teacher or parent is being kind and gentle with our children. During the time of the Prophet (saw), a Bedouin urinated in the masjid. Immediately the Prophet’s companions rushed toward the man to beat him. But the Prophet (saw) told them to leave him alone. After the man finished urinating, the Prophet (saw) told him, “Verily, filth and urine are not permitted in these masjids. Indeed, it is for the remembrance of Allah.” The Messenger said to his companions, “I was sent to make things easy, and I was not sent to make things difficult.” And he poured a bucket of water over the urine. Even though our children were raised in Islam, eventually they will have to choose to be Muslims. Let’s help make the proper decision easy for them.-- Al-Madinah School: 1635 South Saint Andrews Place, Los Angeles, California 90019-- (1-323) 296-5961

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What books are you using to teach your homeschool child his reading lessons?

What books are you using to teach your homeschool child his reading lessons?

Are you tired of fairy tales make-believe and stories about magic?

Now you can teach your child core reading comprehension skills from a Muslim reading book. Your child will answer reading comprehension questions from some of the following titles, insha'Allah:
Timbuktu: A Hidden Treasure,
Awesome Arabic,
The Boys in the Cave (Surah Kahf),
The Miracle Honey Bee (discover Allah's Magnificence),
Sacrificial Animals, and much, much more.

The Reading Comprehension Grade 5 workbook includes vocabulary lists with each story and accompanying vocabulary worksheets. Language arts lessons are included for each story, as well. Also, a writing composition page related to the story topic is included for each story.

No human or animal images are included in the Reading Comprehension Grade 5 workbook.

As educators, we know the significant impact that any educational system has on it's children. Schools are institutions in which children develop their perspective about themselves, others and the world. Much of this information is conveyed through books. Books are one of the most dominant factors that influence our children's thinking. Therefore, we must develop our own academic books (and curriculum) that deliver to our children academic excellence, as well the lofty morals and culture our religion upholds. As Muslim elders who are obligated to educate our children from an Islamic perspective, we must take advantage of resources developed to further this admirable goal.

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