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Message from the Principal: Brother Eric Ali-- When guiding our children toward proper Islamic character, we must remember that part of being a wise teacher or parent is being kind and gentle with our children. During the time of the Prophet (saw), a Bedouin urinated in the masjid. Immediately the Prophet’s companions rushed toward the man to beat him. But the Prophet (saw) told them to leave him alone. After the man finished urinating, the Prophet (saw) told him, “Verily, filth and urine are not permitted in these masjids. Indeed, it is for the remembrance of Allah.” The Messenger said to his companions, “I was sent to make things easy, and I was not sent to make things difficult.” And he poured a bucket of water over the urine. Even though our children were raised in Islam, eventually they will have to choose to be Muslims. Let’s help make the proper decision easy for them.-- Al-Madinah School: 1635 South Saint Andrews Place, Los Angeles, California 90019-- (1-323) 296-5961

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New e-Book by Nissar Nadiadwala, former Head of Islamic Research Foundation

Nissar Nadiadwala, international lecturer on Islam and former head of the Islamic Research Foundation launches his newest coaching book I Want to Marry, But available online at Grandma Jeddah’s e-Bookstore. The first 50 people to purchase the e-book receive a FREE Gift certificate for 25% off any selection from Grandma Jeddah’s Parenting and Marriage e-books,

“We are thrilled to be hosting brother Nisaar's masterpiece on Islamic marriage.” Says Grandma Jeddah, founder of Summit Garden Press, the e-book’s publisher. “Books like this which present a traditional Islamic perspective on marrying our youth are rare.”

Brother Nisaar’s book illustrates how Muslim youth are constantly bombarded with images of intimate and illicit relationships which heighten their desire for marriage.  Yet, they remain single, compelled to pursue higher degrees and constantly search for the perfect “Cinderella” and the enchanting “Prince Charming”!  This book is must read for parents with teens and young adults. It introduces parents to ways in which The Prophet (saw) and his companions entered in to marital relationships, and explains how important it is for parents to convey these methods to their children, in order for them to get married and eventually develop healthy and fulfilling marriages. Brother Nisaar says in his book, “Islam has offered so many options to make marriage easy and zina (adultery and fornication) difficult.”

I Want to Marry, But . . . is designed to help parents:
  • Learn a marital practice of the Sahaba which can help solve the present day problem of excessive Mahr (bridal payment).
  • Understand how to overcome the artificial barrier of age differences in marriage
  • Find out at what age your son or daughter becomes ready for marriage
  • Learn how to overcome expensive cultural marriage ceremonies
  • Find out which societal norms may be preventing your son or daughter from getting married at the proper time
  • And much, much more . . .

About the Author: Nisaar Yusuf Nadiadwala, internationally known for his work as a public speaker on Islam and interfaith dialogues,  is a former senior speaker at the Islamic Research Foundation in Mumbai, and has recently launched Trainer's Gallery, an institute that trains Muslim youth in speech and communication skills for interfaith dialogue.  Learn more about him and contact him at -

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