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Parenting Isn't Over When They Enter College (By: Grandma Jeddah)

Parenting Isn't Over When They Enter CollegeBy: Grandma Jeddah

You sent your son to an Islamic School. Maybe you home schooled him. You wanted to make sure he received a strong Islamic foundation.  Now he's 18, and you're thinking about sending him to college. You might also be thinking-- Finally! Now I don't have to worry anymore about lessons and homework. He's on his own now.

Not so fast. We all want our children to excel and have an impressive education and career, but there are many things in college to be cautious and wary of when your child begins.

One particular aspect of college that you should be aware of is that some required areas of study teach atheism in a round-about way. When your child takes classes such as anthropology, philosophy, and humanities, be sure to read your child's books along with him or at least scan the table of contents, chapters, and headings. Also, review your child's test questions. This is an area in which instructors often push their own perspective, which may be anti-religious.

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