Thursday, June 2, 2022

Tip 5 Managing Your Hyperactive Child (By: Grandma Jeddah)

  Do you have a hyperactive child? 

 Here is a Terrific Tip to help manage your child's behavior
 without hitting or shouting:

Final Tip 5 - Create learning opportunities from misbehavior.
Realize that your son may take longer than your neighbor’s child to attain the attribute of self-control. When he interrupts your conversations with guests, recklessly dashes through the masjid, or shouts at the top of his lungs in the house,  gently explain or show him the appropriate way to behave.

Learn why your child misbehaves and over 2 dozen tips on how to manage your child's behavior without hitting or shouting. Read Grandma Jeddah's e-book, Discipline without Disrespecting: Buy her e-book now at:

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